Quality, healthy ingredients and flavour are increasingly important factors when it comes to selecting a product.

Added "features" provide additional benefits, making it possible to improve the compositionof foods to suit the needs of the population.

The market is becoming more and more demanding, so differentiation based on quality and ingredient features is increasingly decisive. The fortification of cereal-based foods is increasingly common. Cereals provide functional nutrition and have a low fat content, making them an excellent partner for other products on the shelf.

We offer a range of specific cereals for the food industry with different technological and nutritional applications. With our production process we can obtain varying degrees of starch hydrolysis, up to 85%.

This allows us to use these products/ingredients as natural texturisers.

Applications: Dairy, biscuits, processed fruit, etc.


  • Easier digestion through the use of hydrolysis during manufacture.
  • High solubility, with different particle sizes and dextrose equivalent depending on application.
  • Low viscosity.
  • Natural sweetness. Naturally sweet product, thereby avoiding added sweeteners if desired.
  • Possibility of blending with other functional ingredients: prebiotics, probiotics, fruit, etc.